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  • - if you have any more questions please contact us.
  • - live and web based workshops are also available to teach you all the best practices of the devices and softwares.
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  • - your offer will be sent to you via e-mail in a few days.
  • - if the order should be billed into one country while the shipping is to another country the (shipping) price increases.
  • - payment is possible via transfer or checks are accepted. The default payment method is prepayment based on proforma invoice.
  • - if your company is located in the EU but does not have an EU VAT number, please apply for one. Otherwise we have to apply the Hungarian VAT (which is 27%). (Depending on the country it can even take a few weeks to get a EU VAT number.)
  • - as a partner of OTP Simple pay you may choose to pay using your bank card. Clikk here for more information.