Portable Pneumatic Pole

The portable pneumatic pole for anemometer is a pole which can be used alone as well. No special assembling of the pole itself is needed. Only the holding ropes should be fixed correctly. The packed pole is about only 2 m long but it can be erected to 10 m height. Both the extending and the collapsing of the tower can be done alone.

  1. Fix the base and the fasten spikes to the proper positions.
  2. Fix the shorter ropes to the fasten spikes and to the lower fixing triangles. Put the anemometer to its position.
  3. Connect the compressor to the base and start the erection.When the extension is finished disconnect the compressor. Measure.
  4. After the measurement let the tubes slide back.

  • alu tube (2 m - 10 m) 17kg
  • compressor
  • battery for the compressor
  • 3 pieces 7 m ropes
  • 3 pieces 13 m ropes
  • 3 pieces 250-300 mm nails
  • 3 pieces anchoring spikes
  • hammer
  • case
Maximal height
10 m
Maximal loading capacity
2 kg
Maximum allowable wind speed
33 m/s
yes, IP65