Root Detector

 For finding the bigger roots

 The sound travels faster in the roots than in the soil

 This measurement is not disturbed by other trees' roots or pipes

 Available as independent equipment and as extension for ArborSonic 3D package as well

  1. Put the rectangular sensor (the one with the long cable) on the tree. The spike should point towards the roots.
  2. Connect the BNC connector to the (black) amplifier box.
  3. Connect the soil sensor (cylindrical) to the amplifer box.
  4. Tie a loose rope around the tree. The rope will help you to keep a constant distance between the tree and the soil sensor. Move the soil sensor around the tree by small steps, making sure that the rope remains tightened.
  5. Make a measurement at each sensor position.
  • SD02 piezo sensor with 6 m cable
  • Soil sensor
  • Dual amplifier box
  • Battery box
  • Rubber hammer
  • Steel hammer
  • Evaluation software
Time required for one measurement
~ 1 hour
100 g
Measured time precision
± 2 μs
Number of sensors
SD02 piezo sensor
high frequency geophone