UltraSonic Anemometer

The ultrasonic anemometer is a great tool to catch wind gust. The sampling rate is 1Hz which makes this device to be a proper supplement for DynaRoot or DynaTree users or any other cases when measuring wind gusts is essential.

The ultrasonic anemometer can be used alone or on the top of one of our poles or as part of DynaRoot or DynaTree systems.
  1. Assemble the anemometer in the vicinity of the tree(s) to be assessed.
  2. If you are using a pole attach the anemometer on the top, and erect the tower. Wind velocity readings are sent to, and data is collected at the data logger located at the bottom of the tower.
  3. Start recording data by pressing the START button located in the data logger.
  4. After the recordings are finished, transfer the acquired data to a PC by removing the internal SD card or by switching the instruments to Wi-Fi mode.


An instrument for measuring wind velocity at or near the tree to be evaluated. The closer to the better, but, depending on wind velocity DynaRoot may provide reliable data even with measurements taken several kilometres/miles away. The anemometer provides wind velocity data of sufficient frequency, Ideally the anemometer should be clear of buildings or other objects that may obstruct the wind, at a height of at least 10m.

  • Anemometer (ultrasonic) and recorder
  • Case
Sampling rate
1 Hz
Measurement range
0-140 km/h
0.2 km/h
Integrated GPS
Maximal SD card size
yes, IP63