TreeSonic Timer

The TreeSonic microsecond timer is designed for tree stiffness prediction. It measures the stress wave time between a start and a stop transducer. The structure of the TreeSonic tool is designed by Weyerhaeuser Co. The equipment is patent pending, the patent holder is Weyerhaeuser Co.

  1. Connect the start and stop sensors to the START and STOP connectors of the timer. Make sure not to turn the plastic part of the connectors. The longer and flat shaped transducer is the start and the shorter, cube shaped one is the stop transducer.
  2. Drive the spike of the transducers into the tree you want to test using the sliding hammer.The spike need to penetrate through the bark and stabilize the transducer in the wood material. Please apply 45 degree as the angle between the spike and the fiber.
  3. The first time you hit the start transducer, the reading “9999” appears which means that the unit was switched on successfully. From that point on, all upcoming hits will show the actual transit times in microseconds.
  4. The unit switches of automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • TreeSonic display unit
  • Start and stop sensors with sliding hammer
  • Steel hammer (200 g)
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • User's manual
  • Test cables and Voltmeter (optional)
36 x 84 x 184 mm
0.35 kg
0.25 kg
start transducer
1.2 kg
stop transducer
1.1 kg
2.9 kg
Time to standby
30 seconds
Time resolution
1 μs
Power supply
rechargeable 9V block battery
Power consumption
75 mW
Operation time
10-12 hours
yes, IP65

*including battery
**including handle